Benefits of Air Source Heating

Lower fuel bills

£11,500 of potential income from the Government's RHI subsidy

No fuel deliveries needed

Will provide heating and hot water for your home

Minimal maintenance required

Manufacturer's life expectancy of more than 20 years

How does an Air Source Heat Pump work?

Air Source Heat Pump, Cotswold Energy Group
Air Source Heat Pump, Cotswold Energy Group

The quick answer...


The simplest way to describe Air Source Heat Pumps is a “fridge in reverse”.  


It consumes electricity instead of fossil fuels like gas or oil to heat your home and hot water. 

Four Steps to understanding Heat Pumps

Step 1
Absorbing Energy

The heat pump contains a liquid refrigerant that absorbs heat from the outside air even when the temperature is below freezing in the middle of winter.

Step 2
Compressing the refrigerant

The heat pump compresses the liquid refrigerant from Step 1 to increase its temperature.

Step 3
Warming your house

This heat is transferred to your radiators or underfloor heating system and heats your house.

Step 4
Hot Water

The heat energy is used in a water cylinder to create ready-to-use hot water for you and your family.

Using Heat Pumps

An Air Source Heat Pump is based on the principal of heat transfer. Heat transfer uses a small amount of energy to transfer low grade heat from the air to high grade heat, suitable for heating water to high temperatures – essentially transferring heat from a ‘free heat source’ like the air to a ‘heat sink’ like your home. This is a similar operation to a refrigerator – but in reverse. It uses a process known as the vapour compression cycle.

Heat pumps have been used to provide domestic heating and hot water in Scandinavia for over 50 years, during which time constant developments and advancements have ensured that the technology is tried and tested.

Manufacturer's life expectancy of an ASHP system is more than 20 years and there are minimal maintenance requirements. Annual servicing can be as little as £150 per annum and warranties can be as long as 7 years giving you total peace of mind.

ASHP technology can extract heat from the air even when the temperature is as low as -15c and uses electricity to increase heat as and when required, meaning that you will always be warm and comfortable whilst positively contributing to climate change.

Mitsubishi's New Ultra Quiet Ecodan takes Air Source Heat Pumps to the next level, offering superb style, market leading energy efficiency and sound levels. Designed especially for residential applications the 8.5kW and 11.2kW units are 3 times quieter than previous models, with a sound pressure level similar to a library at 45dB(A).

Installation of an Air Source Heat Pump is considered to be permitted development, therefore no planning permission is required, provided that certain criteria is met, please see HERE for more information about planning consent.

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