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Brimscombe Port is a listed heritage building belonging to Stroud District Council which had ageing natural gas boilers and traditional radiator infrastructure to provide space heating and hot water for the building’s occupants.

Fortunately, the building benefits from being located next to a natural water source, the River Frome, which is directly adjacent to the building.

Cotswold Energy Group put forward a design & build proposal to extract heat from the river via a closed loop water source heat pump system to entirely replace the gas boilers and provide heating and hot water. The project also enabled the council to make considerable running cost savings whilst delivering significant carbon reductions.

About the install

3 x 60kW NIBE heat pumps and 750L thermal store were installed to cover the building’s demand, these units were fed by custom built river collectors designed and built by local project partner Renewables First.

New radiators were installed throughout the building along with minor pipework modifications to support the enhanced flow rates.

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