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In 2020, Dudley Council appointed Cotswold Energy Group to install a Water Source Heat Pump (WSHP) as part of a major renovation of the leisure centre, built in 1990.

The old gas CHP system was removed and replaced by an Open Loop WSHP which provides space heating to the centre, heating the swimming pool. The heat provided by the heat pumps is topped up by new gas boilers when required.

Working alongside a specialist groundwater consultant, an abstraction licence was obtained from the environment agency to utilise the aquifer underneath the site as a heat source. An abstraction borehole was drilled in the rear carpark taking a constant supply of warm, filtered groundwater into the plant room. A second injection borehole was drilled at the other side of the building where the cooled water is pumped back into the ground.

About the install

4 x 60kW NIBE heat pumps were installed in the plant room to provide 50degC water into a large 2000L buffer store.
Temperature monitoring sensors we installed at both the abstraction and injection points to measure the temperature of the water as it leaves the aquifer and the return temperature as its pumped back into the ground.

This system will save the Council on the running costs of the building as well as making a substantial contribution to their long-term carbon reduction commitments. The capital outlay in the scheme will be covered by the Non-Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive which pays the council a generous amount of subsidy over the next 20 years.

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