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The peak heat load for your property is 28kW. This is to achieve British Heating Standards (21C in living rooms, 18C in bedrooms and kitchen and 22C in bathrooms) when the outside temperature is -1.8C. Based on this heat load the 35kW CTC GSHP is perfectly sized to cover this load. This unit will require a 3 phase electricity connection.

Flow temp 55

System size 35

Based on the heating and hot water requirement from your EPC, running cost savings in the region of £1,510 per annum are estimated, compared to Oil. The new heat pump has an expected lifetime of 20 years which could generate up to £30,650 of savings in comparison to Oil.

Over the 20-year lifetime of your new heat pump system, you will save 427.35 tonnes of CO2.

To put that into context, that is the equivalent of

Flying around the world 95 times/ Planting 971 trees/ Taking 5 cars off the road

  • Money saved on energy bills _£££
  • Reducing carbon footprint ___ Tonnes/ percentage of buildings emissions/footprint
  • Equivalent to…Trees planted/ cars off road/ flights around the world
  • Bus scheme/RHI money from subsidies
  • Carb

(Example 1): Heating technology innovations have allowed this customer to heat their entire property using just the heat beneath their feet. As a result, they have reduced their energy bills by £877 on average per annum as well as reducing their carbon footprint by 171 tonnes – the equivalent of taking their car off the road. Due to their significant heat demand, this customer received the maximum renewable heat incentive (RHI) grant of £35k, seeing their investment recoup in just 10 years.

About the install

Type of heat pump /size/power

(Example)We installed a CTC EcoPart 424 to cover this property’s 24kW load. This particular CTC is compact and quiet and can be stored internally, fitting comfortably within their utility room. This unit also runs off single phase making it the perfect solution for large properties which do not have access to 3 phase electricity. Using CTC’s market leading Zentih tank, we were able to integrate this customer’s existing renewable solar thermal cells, leading to further reduction in running costs.

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