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What is RHI and who can get it?

The Renewable Heat Incentive is a Government scheme aimed at encouraging home owners and businesses to switch to renewable heating technologies and move away from traditional fossil fuel systems that consume our planet's resources. The government is committed to ensuring that 12% of heating comes from renewable sources by 2020.

You need to be the owner of the property, self-build properties are also eligible to receive RHI payments. The payments are tax-free and are not financially means tested.

All of the heat pump technologies we supply and install are eligible for RHI payments and are certified under The Microgeneration Certification Scheme. Click here for more information about MCS.

Once your new renewable heating technology is installed and commissioned, you are eligible to get RHI.

Once accepted, your payments are fixed for the duration of the contract (currently 7 years for domestic customers and 20 years for non-domestic). Even if the government makes changes to the scheme or withdraws RHI altogether your payments are fixed regardless of any future changes.

For more information about RHI, please see this link.

How much RHI subsidy is available & how is it paid?

The maximum RHI payment for an Air Source Heat Pump is currently £11,500*

The maximum RHI payment for a Ground Source Heat Pump is currently £34,500*

*these figures assume 2% index linked inflation, in line with current forecasts.

We calculate your RHI payments by establishing the heat demand for your property which can be done if you have a recent Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) - follow this link to see if your property has a recent EPC with a Space Heating and Water Heating kWh figure listed at the bottom page 2.

If you don't have a recent EPC we will come to your property and perform a survey. We will explain how much RHI you qualify for and we will provide a bespoke design and estimation to supply and install a new renewable heating system, along with any estimated savings.

Please click here to enquire about booking a survey.

if you want to find out more from Ofgem, the regulators of the scheme - please click here